Start conversation with the group or your team members by posting to the SharePoint Online Newsfeed on team sites or your personal site.


1. Read + Write (contribute) permissions required.

2. Users would need minimum read access to read the posts.

3. Make sure the Site Feed feature of the site is activated. To check if the feature is activated

  • Go to site settings
    SharePoint Online Newsfeed 1
  • Under Site Actions, click Manage site features
    SharePoint Online Newsfeed 2
  • Scroll down to Site Feed and make sure it’s activated.
    SharePoint Online Newsfeed 3

Tip: Create a separate team site to limit your  Newsfeed conversation to small group

Steps To Follow

A simple post to the SharePoint Online Newsfeed

1. Go to your site.

2. Locate the Newsfeed web part. This should already be there on your site by default.

3. Type your message.

SharePoint Online Newsfeed 5

4. Click Post.

Add a Post with the Picture

1. Click in the Start a Conversation box of the newsfeed.

2. Type your message. It’s optional, you can post the picture without the message as well.

3. Click on the camera icon.

SharePoint Online Newsfeed 6

4. Click on Choose File button, browse your computer and select the image.

5. The selected image will be displayed. Click Post to post the image to Newsfeed.

Share a Document link to Newsfeed

1. Go to the library of the document you want to share.

2. Click the ellipses menu to open the menu dialogue of the document


3. Copy the URL of the document.

4. Go to the Newsfeed page and click to start the conversation.

5. Right click and paste the link of the document.

6. As soon as you paste the link the SharePoint will pick up the link of the document and then you may replace the link with the text or description.


7. Click Post to share the link.

Tag a Person in Newsfeed

1. Click on the Start a Conversation window of the Newsfeed.

2. Type “@” and start typing the name of the person you wanted to mention in your post. A dropdown will be displayed with the matching names.

3. Select the name from the dropdown.

4. Type the message and click Post to share the post to newsfeed.

Add a Hashtag to a Post

1. Click on the Start a Conversation window of the Newsfeed.

2. Type a # character. Type the word for the hashtag.

3. If hash tag already exists, it will be displayed in a drop down box.

4. Select the available hash tag.


5. If it’s a new hash tag, it will be added as a future reference.

6. Complete your post and click Post to share the feed.