You can use the media web part to display a video or attach an audio file to your SharePoint online page.


  1. You must have ‘edit’ permissions to edit the page.
  2. Flash format videos are not supported in Media web part

Steps to follow

  1. Edit the page to add the web part. Click Edit under the Page tab.

Note: If the Edit function is disabled, you may not have permissions to edit the page. Please contact your SharePoint administrator.

  1. Click on the Video and Audio web part under the Insert tab.

  1. There are four options available to add a media to the SharePoint page.
    1. From Computer

      1. Click on From Computer.
      2. Click on Choose File to select the file.
      3. Select available Destination library to store the file in SharePoint.
      4. Add version comments regarding the file.
      5. Click OK.
      6. Click Save to save the updates to the page.

    2. Embed

      Choose Embed option to embed a video from any video sharing site e.g. Youtube.

      1. Grab the embed code from the video sharing site.
        1. E.g. on a Youtube site you will find Embed option under Share, copy the code.

      2. Paste the code in the Embed
        window of the SharePoint web part.
      3. Click Insert.
    3. From SharePoint

      Choose this option to select a media from the SharePoint library.

      1. Select the media from the SharePoint library.
      2. Click Insert.
    4. From Address

      Use this option if you have a direct link or URL of the file. Type or paste URL in the window.

      The URL must directly link the video.